The aim of the blog

This blog is an attempt to keep an accurate record of major sports events as they have occurred throughout the years. I will write summaries of the latest events as they happen and of the events of previous years when I can.

There will be an emphasis on British sports and people because that’s where I am and that’s where I see most of my sport. However, I am interested in sports from around the world and I will cover those sports as well.

The plan is to have a chronological story of sport through the ages with pages arranged by year and sport. I also want to have a section showing the achievements of the all-time greats of each sport and links to current rankings in different sports so the reader can quickly find who are the latest world leaders.

I also intend to give my opinion on who the best individuals and teams were for each year both in Britain and worldwide and provide a hypothetical Hall of Fame for career achievements.

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