Sports History: 0 to 1000 AD

Some of the dates of important developments and happenings  in sport in the first millennium AD

1st Century – Romans introduce the game of marbles to Great Britain

2nd century – reference to ice-skating in early Scandinavian literature

140 – 1112 people killed when the upper tier of the Circus Maximus in Rome collapsed. The stadium held 150,00 people.

200 – Earliest record of horse racing at Netherby,Cumbria between Arab horses imported by the Romans

c.200 – The Chinese play a form of golf

250 – Polo may have originated in Tibet and China

300 – the Genoese organise archery competitions

393 – End of the Ancient Olympic Games after an order from Roman Emperor Theodosius

400 – Roman game paganica played.Similar to golf it may have been exported to Britain

6th century  Shaolin boxing (Kempo) practised in China

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