Sports History:1000 to 1300

11th century The monk Eilmer is reported to have flown from the tower of Malmesbury Abbey, England from 60 feet up. the first known hang-glding
1050 Jeu de Paume, which became real tennis, originates in french monasteries
12th century The first reference to hockey in Britain taking place in Lincolnshire
12th century The French game Jeu de Mail is mentioned from which croquet developed
12th century regular horse racing takes place at Smithfield, London
1180 An English account exists of ice-skates made of bone being used
1200 reference to skiing at the battle of Isen near Oslo
1250 A drawing depicts two men playing with a bat and ball
13th century Origins of Pelota Vasca in Italy as the game of longue paume
1299 Southampton Town bowling club is formed

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