Sports History:1300-1499

1300 Rowing regattas were held in Venice
1308 A Real Tennis court was mentioned in the sale of a Paris hotel to King Philippe IV
1314 King Edward II issues a Royal proclamation banning football in London
1326 First authentic reference to guns in “De Officiis Regum” for the young Edward III,King of England
1360 A ball game played with clubs was banned in Belgium and Holland
14th century Eliseo of Tarentum was described as walking on water,possibly using skis
1367 The Statute of Kilkenny outlaws the playing of hurling
1381 the French played a game called “chouler a la crosse” and named lacrosse fromm it
1388 King Richard II issues a statute prohibiting the playing of bowls
1429 Louis XI of France was reported to have a billiard table
1451 The Canons of Ottery St.Mary,who had played in church precincts, were banned from playing Real Tennis
1457 The Scottish parliament passes a law prohibiting golf
1466 Lucerne shooting Guild was formed in Switzerland
1472 The first recorded shooting match was held in Zurich
1488 The Society of Kilwinning Archers in Scotland contests the Pa-pingo shoot
1492 American-Indian game baggataway, the forerunner of lacrosse, was being played by the Iroquois in Ontario and New York.
15th century Curling probably introduced to Scotland by the Flemish

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