Sports History 1500-1599

16 th century – “Dartes” played in Ireland
16th century – Pignatelli’s acadamy of horsemanship in Naples founded
early 16th century –  An ice-hockey type game,Kalv, is pictured in the Netherlands
1500 Karate developed by the people of Okinawa to use against the Japanese
1521 The Swede Gustav Vasa flees 53 miles from Mora to Salen before returning to lead a rebellion and become king. This is commemorated by the Vasaloppet, the world’s biggest Nordic ski race
1522 Juan del Cano completes a circumnavigation of the globe in the Vittoria with 17 crew after three years at sea (Magellan’s expedition)
1527 “Hockie sticks” mentioned in the Galway statute,Ireland
1527 Football banned in Ireland for interfering with archery practice
1539 King James V of Scotland builds a tennis court at Falkland Palace,Fife
1540 Corporation of Masters of Defence,(fencing), founded by King Henry VIII
1540 Horse race meeting held at Roodeye Fields,Chester
1543 The first land yachts were built for Elector Johann Friedrich at Torgau,Saxony
1550 Cricket played at Guildford
1554 Trotting races held in Valkenburg, Netherlands
1560 Illustration of curling in a Brueghel painting
1580 Yachts take part in a water festival in Amsterdam
1580 Francis Drake and fifty sailors circumnavigate the earth in the Golden Hind,taking 33 months
1591 Record of billiards in Spenser’s “Mother Hubbard’s Tale”
1595 Land or sand yachts of Dutch construction reported on Belgian beaches

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