Sports History: 1600 to 1699

Some developments in sport during the 17th century.

17th century: The origins of the sport of rackets
17th century: Nine-pin bowling exported to America from Europe
Early 17th century: “Mr Robert Dover’s Olympick Games upon the Cotswold Hills” are held. These Cotswold Games had been held since Saxon times and included races for men and women,jumping and throwing,dancing and shin-kicking
1600 Earliest patent granted for ice and sand yachting in the Low Countries and on the Baltic coast
1603 An imprial edict orders swimming in Japanese schools
1620 Darts was played on the Mayflower
1620 Curling is mentioned in Henry Adamson’s poem “The Muses Threnodie”
1634 The windows of Locking church,Banwell,England are broken by players of Fives
Mid 17th century: Modern fencing foil sword introduced in France as a practice weapon
1660 Bathing in the sea becomes fashionable in Scarborough
1660 The first yacht to sail in English waters, “MARY”, is presented to King Charles II
1661 king Charles II races James,Duke of York, on the Thames for £100 from Greenwich to Gravesend.The first recorded yachting race in England
1662 Samuel Pepys writes about skating in St.James’s Park
1662 The launch of the first catamaran, “Experiment”.Built in Dublin for Sir William Petty
1663 The first open yacht race is won by “Experiment” in Dublin
1672 The earliest picture showing football is produced in an Edingurgh print
1673 The oldest archery society in England, The Society of Archers in Yorkshire, is founded
1679 The first regular hunt, the Charlton Hunt in Sussex, is founded by the Duke of Monmouth
1681 The first recorded boxing match is organised by the Duke of Albemarle between a butler and a butcher
1693 The first public billiard tables are recorded at Colsoni’s Chocolate House,London
1697 The first skating boots are made for Peter the Great at Zaandam,Netherlands
1698 Regular bareknuckle boxing matches are held at the Royal Theatre,London

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