British Hall of Fame 1902

My inductees into the British Sports Hall of Fame for 1902.

John Roberts Junior (Billiards) – The first great billiards player. He won the world title in 1870 and defended it seven times. After defending the title in 1885 he declined to make any more defences but remained the best player in the game for another decade.

Horace Ford (Archery) – The best British archer of the 19th century. He won 12 Grand National titles including 11 consecutively from 1849 to 1859. His score of 1251 points for the Double York round lasted for 103 years as a British record.

Matthew Webb (Swimming) – In 1875 he became the first person to swim the English Channel. Nobody else did this until 1911 and his time remained the fastest crossing until 1934.

Arthur Gould (Rugby Union) – Captained Wales a record 18 times between 1885 and 1897. Led Wales to their first Triple Crown in 1893 and when he retired was Wales’s most capped player with 27 appearances.

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