Sports History:1700 to 1749

Developments in sports during the first half of the eighteenth century

1700 the Reverend Wilson of Maidstone,Kent criticises people for playing baseball on Sundays
1711 Royal Ascot horse racing meeting instituted by Queen Anne
1712 Earliest recorded Gaelic Football match (Meath v Louth at Slane)
1714 Sketches of gliders made by Emanuel Swedenborg in Sweden
1715 First practical diving suit patented by Andrew Becker
1715 Doggett’s Coat and Badge first rowed from London Bridge to Chelsea by apprentices.Still rowed today – the oldest annual event in the British sporting calendar and the oldest rowing race in the world.
1719 The first boxing stadium,Figg’s Amphitheatre, was opened in London
1720 The oldest yacht club in the world, the Rotal Cork Yacht Club, is established
1727 The first boxing title fight:James Figg beat Ned Sutton for the championship of England
1727 First formal rules of cricket drawn up by he Duke of Richmond. These were first used in a match between the Dukes XII and Pepperharrowe XII
1729 First Sporting journal: A Historical List of all Horse Matches etc,- founed in London
1729 First municipal swimming pool opened at St.George’s Pier Head, Liverpool
1730 James Figg retires from boxing after losing just one of 270 fights.
1733 First international boxing contest:Bob Whittaker of England beat Tito Alberto di Carni of Italy in London
1735 The Royal Burgess Golfing Society of Edinburgh claims to have been founded
1739 Earliest documented curling club at Muthill,Scotland
1740 The first recorded world real tennis champion is Clerge of France.This is the oldest world championship in any sport
1742 Edinburgh skating club formed
1742 First indoor swimming pool opened at Lemon Street,Goodman’s Fields, London
1743 The earliest outdoor public swimming pool, Pearless Pool in North London, opened
1743 Jack Broughton formulates the earliest prize-ring code of rules for boxing in England
1744 The first golf club, The Gentlemen Golfers, formed in Edinburgh
1744 Kent beat a team representing England at cricket in Finsbury,London.
1744 John Rattray wins the first golf tornament at Leith, Scotland
1744 First recorded cricket club – London CC
1744 Picture of “Basteball” (baseball) being played appears in book by J.Newbery from London
1745 The first women’s cricket match is played at Gosden Common, Surrey
1747 First boxing gloves developed by Jack Broughton in London
1749 First recorded bowls club:Croydon Bowling Club
18th century – Fiestas held which later developed into rodeos
mid 18th century – Rackets played by debtors in the Fleet prison,London

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