World Sports Hall of Fame 1902

My four choices for the World Hall of Fame for 1902

Edmond Barre (France -Real Tennis) The greatest “court” or Real Tennis player of the 19th century. He was world champion from 1829 to 1862 when he lost the title aged 60.

Theagenes of Thassos (Greece – Boxing) An outstanding all-round sportsman. Supposedly unbeaten for twenty-two years at boxing.

Lottie Dod  (Great Britain) (Tennis/Golf/Archery) – was 15 when winning the Wimbledon singles in 1887 and also won in 1888 and 1891-3, remaining unbeaten in her five appearances. She remains the youngest ever champion. Only lost five open singles matches before retiring aged 21. She later played hockey for England, won the 1904 British women’s golf championship and a silver medal in archery at the 1908 Olympics.

Alfred Hajos (Hungary) -Swimming.  Won the 100m and 1200m freestyle events at the 1896 Olympics aged 18. European 100m freestyle champion 1895 and 1896.



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