Tennis: Most Wins at Wimbledon

The most wins in the various events at the Wimbledon tennis championships:

Men – Total: 14 William Renshaw (GB) 7 singles,7 mens doubles (1880-9)

Women – Total:  20 Billie Jean King (US)1961–79 (6 singles, 10 doubles, 4 mixed), Martina Navratilova (Cz/US)1976–2003 (9 singles, 7 doubles, 4 mixed)

Men Singles 7   William Renshaw (GB) (1881-6,1889) ,Pete Sampras (US) (1993-5,97-2000)  and Roger Federer 2003-7,09,12

Women Singles 9   Martina Navratilova (Cz/US) 1978-9,1982-7,1990

Mens Doubles 8 Reginald and Laurence Doherty (GB) 1897-1901,1903-5

Womens Doubles (as a pair) 6 Suzanne Lenglen (Fr) and Elizabeth Ryan (US) 1919-23,1925

Womens Doubles 12 Elizabeth Ryan (US) 1914,1919-23,1925-7,1930,33,34

Mixed Doubles WOMEN  7 Elizabeth Ryan (US) 1919,21,23,27,28,30,32
Mixed Doubles MEN 4  Ken Fletcher (Aus), Vic Seixas (US), Owen Davidson (Aus)

Mixed Doubles (as a pair) 4 Ken Fletcher/Margaret Smith-Court (Aus) and Owen Davidson/Billie Jean King (Aus/US)

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