Football: Olympic Games -Records


Football has been held at every modern Olympic Games except 1896 and 1932.

Most wins

3  Hungary 1952,1964,1968

2 Great Britain 1908,1912 ( a team from Great Britain – Upton Park FC – won in 1900)  Uruguay 1924,1928    USSR 1956,1988   Argentina 2004,2008

Most goals in a tournament

12 Ferenc Bene (Hungary) 1964


Women’s football has been included in the Olympics since 1996.

Most wins

4 USA 1996,2004,2008,2012

1 Norway 2000


Most goals in a tournament:

6 Christine Sinclair (Canada) 2012

5 Cristiane (Brazil) 2004,2008   Birgit Prinz (Germany) 2004


Most gold medals:

Four Americans have been in the gold medal winning squads on three occasions between 2004 and 2012.

Christie Rampone
Shannon Boxx
Heather Mitts
Heather O’Reilly

Rampone also won a silver medal in 2000.

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