Volleyball: Olympic Records

Indoor volleyball has been played at each Olympic games since 1964.

Most Wins (team)


3 USSR   (1964,68,80)     USA (1984,1988,2008)

Brazil   (1992,2004, 2016)


4 USSR (1968,72,80,88)

3 Cuba (1992,1996,2000) China (1984,2004, 2016)

2 Japan  (1964,76)   Brazil (2008,2012)

Most Gold Medals

Each of these players has won 3 gold medals

Ana Fernández   Cuba 1992–2000 (also won a bronze medal in 2004)
Regla Bell     Cuba 1992–2000
Marlenis Costa    Cuba 1992–2000
Idalmis Gato    Cuba 1992–2000
Lilia Izquierdo    Cuba 1992–2000
Karch Kiraly     United States 1984–1996
Mireya Luis    Cuba 1992–2000
Regla Torres    Cuba 1992–2000

Kiraly is the only man to win 3 golds – the third was for beach volleyball. He is the only player to win golds at indoor and beach volleyball.


Beach volleyball has been played at the Olympics since 1996.

No men have won more than one gold medal.

Kerry Walsh Jennings and Misty May-Treanor (USA) have won three golds as a pair from 2004 to 2012.  No other woman has won more than one gold.

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