Handball: Olympic Games

Handball was played at the 1936 Olympics but then only reappeared in 1972. Women first played in 1976. It has been included in every Games since.

Most Gold Medals (Teams)


2 USSR (1976,88)  and France (2008,2012 winners) have also won 1 silver medal to make them the most successful nation.

Yugoslavia (1972,84)

Russia (1992 -as the Unified Team- ,2000)

Croatia (1996,2004)




3 Denmark (1996,2000,2004)

2 South Korea (1988,92)

2 USSR (1976,80)

2 Norway (2008,2012)

The only individual to win three golds is Andrey Lavrov who played in the winning USSR and Russian teams in 1988,1992 and 2000.  He also holds the record for most medals with four.

Many women have won two golds.  The woman with most medals is Oh Seong-Ok (South Korea) who won gold in 1992, silver in 1996 and 2004, and bronze in 2008.


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