Water Polo:Olympic Records

Water polo has been in the Olympics since 1900 in every Games. It was introduced for women in 2000.

Most Wins – Teams


9 Hungary (1932,36,52,56,64,76,2000,04,08)

4 Great Britain (1900,08,12,20)

3 Italy (1948,60,92)            Yugoslavia/Serbia (1968,84,88,2016)

The USA women’s team has  is the only one to have won two gold medals (2012 and 2016)


Three gold medals in water polo have been won by

Dezso Gyarmati   Hungary 1948–1964 (He also won 1 silver and 1 bronze medal)
Tibor Benedek   Hungary 2000–2008
Péter Biros   Hungary 2000–2008
Tamás Kásás   Hungary 2000–2008
Gergely Kiss   Hungary 2000–2008
Tamás Molnár   Hungary 2000–2008
Charles Sydney Smith   Great Britain 1908–1920
Zoltán Szécsi Hungary   2000–2008
George Wilkinson   Great Britain 1900–1912
Paul Radmilovic   Great Britain 1908–1920 (he also won a gold in swimming)

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