Badminton:Olympic Games Records

Badminton has only been included in the Olympics since 1992.

Most Gold Medals

Nobody has won more than two golds in Badminton. There are 10 athletes with two golds, all from China with the exception of King Dong-moon. Most have been achieved in doubles, the exceptions are noted below.

Gao Ling 2000–2004
Lin Dan 2008–2012 (2 men’s singles golds)
Zhao Yunlei 2012 (only player to win 2 golds at one Games:women’s and mixed doubles)
Zhang Ning 2004–2008 (2 women’s singles golds)
Zhang Jun 2000–2004
Ge Fei 1996–2000
Gu Jun 1996–2000
Kim Dong-moon 1996–2004

Fu Haifeng 2008 -2016, Zhang Nang, Zhao Yunlei 2012-2016


Most Medals

4 Gao Ling 2000–2004 (2 gold, 1 silver,1 bronze) all in doubles, 2 golds in mixed doubles
3 Kim Dong-moon 1996–2004 (2, 0, 1)
3 Gil Young-ah 1992–1996 (1, 1, 1)

3 Fu Haifeng 2008 – 2016 (2,1,0), Zhang Nang, Zhao Yunlei (2,0,1) 2012-2016

Of the medals on offer since 1992 China has won 41, more than twice as many as the next most successful nations, Indonesia and South Korea, with 19.

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