Basketball:Olympic Records

Basketball has been played at the Olympics since 1936 for men and 1972 for women.

The USA have won 15 of the 19 tournaments in men’s basketball including every tournament from 1936 to 1968 before controversially losing to the USSR in 1972. The USSR became the only other nation to win more than once when they also won in 1988. The USA have only lost three games in Olympic men’s basketball (in 1972,1988 and 2004).

In women’s basketball the USA have won 8 of the 11 tournaments including every one from 1996 to 2016 with an unbeaten run of games now standing at 49. The other 3 were won by the USSR (1976 and 1980) and their counterparts the Unified Team who played in 1992.

The record score in a men’s game was by the USA who beat Nigeria 156-73 in 2012.

Carmelo Anthony (USA) has won three gold medals (2008-2016), the only man to do so but several American women have won four golds.

4 golds: Teresa Edwards 1984–2000 ( and 1 bronze in 1992), Lisa Leslie 1996–2008, Sue Bird 2004–2016, Tamika Catchings 2004–2016, Diana Taurasi 2004–2016

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