Synchronised Swimming:Olympic Games Records

Synchronised swimming, for women only, has been included at the Olympic Games since 1984.

Most Gold Medals

All of the top medal winners are from Russia who have dominated the sport in recent times.

5 Anastasia Davydova 2004–2012 (2 in duet and 3 in team)
4 Anastasia Ermakova 2004–2008 (2 in duet and 2 team)
3 Olga Brusnikina 2000–2004
3 Mariya Gromova 2004–2012
3 Natalia Ishchenko 2008–2012
3 Elvira Khasyanova 2004–2012
3 Mariya Kiselyova 2000–2004
3 Svetlana Romashina 2008–2012

The two Anastasias are the only pair to win two golds, which they did as a pair in 2004 and 2008.

Tracie Ruiz (USA) in 1984 and Carolyn Waldo (Canada) in 1988 won two golds at the same Games (in solo and duet).

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