History of Sport:1800 to 1809

Some of the interesting developments in sport in the first decade of the 19th century.

1802 First sports club badge adopted by the Duddington Curling Club, Midlothian,Scotland

1803 The first record of cricket being played in Australia

1804 The first woman to compete in a horse race was Alicia Meynell at York over 4 miles

1805 Bill Richmond is the first black boxer to win a prize fight(at Cricklewood Green,England)

1805 Eton win the first Eton v Harrow schools cricket match at Lord’s

1807 The first indoor ice rink to introduce curling is in Montreal, Canada

1807 John Willes of Kent popularises round-arm bowling in cricket in a match against an England team at Fenenden Heath. He supposedly got the idea from watching his sister Christina bowling this way after struggling to bowl underarm because of her skirt.

1809 The first running of the 2000 Guineas classic horse race is won by Wizard

Early 19th century  The first recorded public billiards room in England (at Covent Garden)


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