History of Sport: 1820 to 1829

Some of the main events that happened in sport in the 1820s:

1820s Swimming races become popular in Liverpool

1820 The first double century is recorded in cricket when W.Ward scores 278 for the MCC                     v Norfolk at Lords

1821 The horse Doctor Syntax wins the Preston Gold Cup for the 7th successive year

1822 James Croft trains the first four horses home in the St.Leger

1823 Frank Buckle rides his 4th successive 1000 Guineas winner and a record 9th winner of the Oaks. Both on a horse called Zinc.

1823 William Webb Ellis picks up the ball and runs with it while playing football at Rugby school.  The game of rugby evolves from this incident.

1823 Robert Tyers demonstrates “Volitos” – an early form of roller skates.

1823 Robert Robson trains his 7th winner of the Derby (Emilius)

1824 The first indoor roller-skating rink is opened at Haymarket,London

1825 A game of “handball” against the buttress of Eton College Chapel is recorded. This evolved into the game of Eton Fives.

1825 Jack Jones beats Patsy Tunney after 276 rounds of boxing in Cheshire.

1825 First gymnasium in Britain is opened by Carl Voelke in Regent’s Park,London

1825 Robert Robson’s 12th winner of the Oaks as a trainer with the horse Wings

1826 The first slate-bedded billiard table is manufactured by John Thurston in London

1827 The first varsity cricket match between Oxford and Cambridge at Lord’s

1827 The first time that “wides” are scored in cricket (Kent v Sussex at Brighton)

1827 Robert Robson trains his 9th winner of the 1000 Guineas in 10 years

1827 Frank Buckle rides his 27th winner of a Classic horse race (since 1792)

1828 Cadland beats The Colonel in a run-off after a dead-heat in the Derby.

1829 The sulky, used in harness racing,  first appeared

1829 The first university boat race takes place from Hambledon Lock to Henley Bridge. Oxford beat Cambridge.

1829 Foundation of Ellem Fishing Club in Edinburgh and Berwickshire.

1829 First inter-school rowing fixture: Eton beat Westminster in a race from Putney to Hammersmith.

1829 First indoor gym in Britain erected at Mosley Street,Manchester


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  1. Nice job, best site so far for sports history!

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