Triathlon: World Championships – Records

World Triathlon Championships organised by the International Triathlon Union (ITU) have been held annually since 1989. The title was awarded in a single world championship race until 2009 when the format was changed to give the title to the winner of s series of races.

Most wins


4 Simon Lessing (GB) 1992,1995,1996,1998

3 Peter Robertson (Aus) 2001,2003,2005

2 Spencer Smith (GB), Javier Gomez (Spa), Alistair Brownlee (GB)



3   Emma Snowshill (Aus) 2003,2005,2006

2   Michellie Jones (Aus), Emma Carney (Aus), Emma Mofatt (Aus), Karen Smyers (USA),     Helen Tucker/Jenkins (GB)


Before the World series was introduced points awarded in races went towards the World Cup.

Most wins


4 Brad Bevan (Aus) 1992 (title shared), 1993,1994,1995



3 Emma Carney (Aus) 1995,1996,1997


The ITU long-distance world championships have been held since 1994

Most wins

Men- 3 Peter Sandvang (Den) 1999,2000,2001

Women – 2 Isabelle Mouthon-Michellys (Fra), Ines Estedt (Ger), Caroline Steffen (Swi)


A mixed-sex team relay championship was introduced in 2009. It has been won twice each by Switzerland (2009,2010) and Great Britain (2011,2012).


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