World Hall of Fame 1907

Gentleman Jim Corbett (USA – Boxing) : World heavyweight boxing champion from 1892 – 1897. His innovations in technique are credited with taking the sport forward from the brawling style of fighting.

Jaap Eden (Netherlands – Cycling/Speed Skating) – The only man to win world championships in cycling and speed skating. He won three all-round world speed-skating titles and two cycling titles. He set five world records in skating, one of which lasted for 17 years.

W.G.Grace (England – Cricket) – The greatest English cricketer of the 19th century. In 1871 was the first player to exceed 2000 runs in a season. Scoerd the first ever first-class cricket triple century. He was by far the best batsman in the country and was also a useful bowler doing the 1000 run and 100 wicket double 8 times. He played top level cricket for over forty years.

Walter Tewksbury (USA – Athletics) – winner of gold medals at 400m hurdles and 200m at the 1900 Paris Olympics. Also won two silver medals and a bronze at those Games.

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