Netball: England beating Australia is good for the sport

A sport that has had some welcome media coverage recently is netball.

England won the first match of their current series with Australia at the weekend. Hopefully England can go on to win a series for the first time against the Aussies. This result would not only be good for England but for the game of netball in general.

For a long time New Zealand and Australia have been well clear of the rest of the world. This has meant there have been some fantastic matches between Australia and New Zealand, for example the final of the 2010 Commonwealth Games which went to overtime and was one of the best matches I saw in any sport that year. Unfortunately those two are so far clear that you always know who will win when they play anyone else. They always meet each other in the final. If another nation could get close to them and at least be competitive it would provide a welcome breath of fresh air. The fact that England are starting to beat Australia more regularly is a good sign.

The same also applies to the battle for third in the world. At the moment England and Jamaica always seem to meet for the bronze medal in championships. It would be good to see someone else challenging. Netball at the top level is a great sport to watch. The speed of movement and passing is tremendous, but it would be even better if more countries could compete for the major honours in the sport.


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