Greatest Alpine Skiers (Men)

A very useful guide to the greatest skiers is provided by the ski-database ranking system. This has been used to calculate a ranking based on results in the World Cup, Olympic Games and World championships since 1966.

The Top Ten for these are:


1 Ingemar Stenmark (Sweden) -winner of 19 world cup titles (3 overall, 8 giant-slalom and 6 slalom) between1975 and 1984. Also won 2 Olympic gold and 3 world championships. He won 86 international races, far more than any other skier in history.

2 Hermann Maier (Austria) – won 14 world cup titles (4 overall, 2 downhill, 5 super-g, 3 giant-slalom) between 1998 and 2004.  Won 2 Olympic golds in 1998 and 3 world titles. Won 54 major races.

3 Marc Girardelli (Luxembourg) – between 1984 and 1995 won a record 5 overall world cup titles and 3 more in slalom, 2 at downhill, 1 at giant-slalom and 3 in combined. Won 4 world championships and 46 races.

4 Pirmin Zurbriggen (Switzerland) –  between 1984 and 1990 won 4 super-g world cups, 2 in downhill, 3 giant-slalom and 3 combined. He won 4 overall world cups and 40 races. Won Olympic downhill in 1988 and 4 world titles.

5 Kjetil André Aamodt (Norway) – won 4 Olynmpic golds and 5 world championship titles between 1992 and 2006. 3 Olympic golds were at Super-g and 3 world titles at the combined event. He won one world cup title in each of slalom,giant slalom,super-g and overall.
6 Alberto Tomba
7 Gustav Thöni
8 Aksel Lund Svindal
9 Benjamin Raich
10 Bode Miller



1 Franz Klammer – winner of a record 5 world cup titles at downhill (1975-78 and 1983) and the Olympic title in 1976. Won 26 major races.
2 Peter Müller – won three world cup titles (1979,1980 and 1982 tied) and the world title in 1987. Won 19 downhill races.
3 Bernhard Russi
4 Michael Walchhofer
5 Pirmin Zurbriggen
6 Didier Cuche
7 Franz Heinzer
8 Stephan Eberharter
9 Hermann Maier
10 Lasse Kjus

Karl Schranz (Austria) can also be considered as one of the greatest downhill skiers. His career ran from 1958 to 1972 so just extended into the world cup era although many results haven’t been included in the above rankings. He won twenty major downhill races including the 1962 world title. He won two downhill world cup titles.


Super – G

1 Hermann Maier
2 Kjetil André Aamodt
3 Aksel Lund Svindal
4 Stephan Eberharter
5 Pirmin Zurbriggen
6 Bode Miller
7 Didier Cuche
8 Markus Wasmeier
9 Atle Skaardal
10 Marc Girardelli


Giant Slalom

1 Ingemar Stenmark
2 Alberto Tomba – won three Olympic golds (1 slalom, 2 giant slalom) and two world titles (one each at slalom and giant slalom). Won four world cup titles at both slaom and giant-slalom between 1988 and 1995. He won 35 slalom races and 15 giant slalom.
3 Michael von Grünigen
4 Ted Ligety
5 Hermann Maier
6 Benjamin Raich
7 Gustav Thöni
8 Pirmin Zurbriggen
9 Bode Miller
10 Jean-Claude Killy



1 Ingemar Stenmark
2 Alberto Tomba
3 Benjamin Raich
4 Marc Girardelli
5 Ivica Kostelic
6 Gustav Thöni
7 Thomas Stangassinger
8 Phil Mahre
9 Jean-Noël Augert
10 Mario Matt

This is a pretty good evaluation of the best skiers since 1966. Prior to that consideration must be given to Schranz at downhill.

Toni Sailer (Austria) won all three gold medals at Alpine skiing in the 1956 Olympics and three golds at the 1958 world championships.

Jean-Claude Killy (France) won all three golds at the 1968 Olympics in Alpine skiing. In 1967 he won world cup titles in all three disciplines and the overall world cup.

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