Sports History: 1860 to 1862

Notable events in sport from 1860 to 1862.


The Open Golf Championship is inaugurated. The Championship,  played at Prestwick, is won by Willie Park.

Francis Erwood wins the first closed court Rackets championship, at Woolwich.

The Queen’s Prize shooting championship takes place for the first time at Bisley.

The sport of Greco-Roman wrestling begins (in France!)

The first baseball tour is made by the Brooklyn Excelsiors starting at Albany, New York.

The National Rifle Association of Great Britain is founded. The first long-range National Rifle Association tournament is held (at Wimbledon).

The first professional golf tournament is held at Prestwick and won by Willie Park.

The first composition cricket ball is patented by Hamlet Nicholson of Rochdale.

The first municipal bowling green is opened in Edinburgh.

The first Oxford University sports meeting is held.

The first major international boxing bout takes place between Tom Sayers of England and John Carmel Heenan of the USA.




The oldest shooting and skiing club in the world is founded. The Trysil Club in Norway. This is the start of biathlon.

Blackheath Rugby and Hockey Club is founded. The first organised rugby club.

The first inter-club football match with an admission charge is held in Sheffield between Sheffield FC and Hallam.

The first Melbourne Cup horse race is held. The race is won by Archer.

The first indoor athletics meeting is held at the Young Men’s Gymnastics Club of Cincinnati.

The first recorded game of Canadian Football takes place at the university of Toronto.



Notts County, the oldest club still playing professional football, is founded.

The oldest polo club that still exists is founded in Calcutta.

Jacques Barres’s reign as world Real Tennis champion ends after 33 years.

The first internal-combustion motor car is built by JJ Etienne Lenoir in Paris.

A baseball stadium is opened at Union Grounds, Brooklyn.

John Scott trains his 16th and final winner of the St.Leger (The Marquis). This still stands as the record for most winners of any English Classic race.

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