Swimming: 21st Century All-Star Team

As I work my way through the 20th century for my Halls of Fame it occurred to me that I would like to give an indication of who are the greatest sports people of more recent times. One way I thought of doing this is to have a list of the All-Stars who have been chosen as the outstanding sportsmen and women. Some of these will be by experts in particular sports when I have found their choices. Others will be my own picks. I will give the source of the choices alongside the list and when it was chosen.

For my own selection I have decided to have two lists, an All-Time list and a 21st century list. On the Homepage you can go to another page with the complete list.

I will start by making my choice of All-Stars for swimming in Olympic events since the year 2000 (updated to include the 2013 World Championships).  The choices are quite straightforward in most events but it was hard to pick a really outstanding swimmer in the women’s 100m freestyle and butterfly.

Click on the names for details of the swimmers’ careers. (Biographies from http://www.sportsrecords.co.uk and Wikipedia).


50 metre freestyle Cesar Cielo Filho (Brazil)
100 metre freestyle Pieter van den Hoogenband (Netherlands)
200 metre freestyle Ian Thorpe (Australia)
400 metre freestyle Ian Thorpe (Australia)
1500 metre freestyle Grant Hackett (Australia)
100 metre backstroke Aaron Peirsol (USA)
200 metre backstroke Aaron Peirsol (USA)
100 metre breaststroke Kosuke Kitajima (Japan)
200 metre breaststroke Kosuke Kitajima (Japan)
100 metre butterfly Michael Phelps (USA)
200 metre butterfly Michael Phelps (USA)
200 metre individual medley Michael Phelps (USA)
400 metre individual medley Michael Phelps (USA)
Marathon 10 km Thomas Lurz (Ger)

Reserve: Ryan Lochte (USA) – A great all-round swimmer. His record would have been first choice in some events but he was up against the great Phelps and Peirsol.


50 metre freestyle Inge de Bruijn (Netherlands)
100 metre freestyle Britta Steffen (Germany)
200 metre freestyle Federica Pellegrini (Italy)
400 metre freestyle Laure Manadou (France)
800 metre freestyle Rebecca Adlington (Great Britain)
100 metre backstroke Natalie Coughlin (USA)
200 metre backstroke Kirsty Coventry (Zimbabwe)
100 metre breaststroke Leisel Jones (Australia)
200 metre breaststroke Rebecca Soni (USA)
100 metre butterfly  Sarah Sjöström (Sweden)
200 metre butterfly  Otylia Jedrzejczak (Poland)
200 metre individual medley Yana Klochkova (Ukraine)
400 metre individual medley Yana Klochkova (Ukraine)
Marathon 10 km  Larisa Ilchenko (Rus)

Reserve: Libby Lenton/Trickett (Australia) – a great 100m freestyle and butterfly swimmer who came close to being first choice in both events.


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