British Sports Hall of Fame 1913:Bill Bailey, James Braid, George Lohmann and H.W.Stevenson

Four more additions to my choices for the Hall of Fame

Bill Bailey (Cycling) – winner of the world amateur sprint title four times (in 1909-11 and 1913. He missed the 1912 championships because of the cost of getting there). He won numerous national titles and won the Grand Prix de Paris four times.

James Braid (Golf) – the first man to win the Open five times, which he did between 1901 and 1910. He also finished second four times and third twice. Renowned for his prodigious driving length. He won the PGA Matchplay title four times.

George Lohmann (Cricket) – the first man to take 100 Test Match wickets. His Test bowling average of 10.75 is the lowest in Test History for any bowler with a meaningful number of matches.  In the 1895/6 tour of South Africa he took 35 wickets in three matches including the first ever 9 wicket haul in a Test innings.

H.W.Stevenson (Billiards) – the dominant player at the start of the 20th century. He first won the world title in 1901 and went on to win it four more times.

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