History of Sport 1866 and 1867

Notable events in the sporting world in 1866 and 1867.



First skiing competitions held – the Holmenkollen Nordic events.

Canoe club formed by John MaGregor at Richmond, Surrey

“Throwing the Hammer” is introduced to the Varsity athletics match.

The first national athletics championships are inaugurated by the Amateur Athletic Club and held at Beaufort House, Waltham Green. The performances recorded became the first recognised records.

The first downhill ski races are held at Inverslokken, Norway and won by Elling Beakken of Honenfoss.

First use of boundaries in cricket at the Eton v Harrow match at Lord’s.

First transatlantic yacht race from New York to Cowes. Won by the American yacht Henrietta.

The first roller skating rink, the Atlantic House Rink, is opened at Newport, Rhode Island.



Lacrosse introduced to Britain by the touring Chaughnawage Indians of W.B.Johnson. The first lacrosse club in Britain, Glasgow Lacrosse Club, is formed.

Horace Ford wins his 12th British archery title.

“The Queensberry Rules for the Sport of Boxing”, formulated by John Sholto Douglas the 9th Marquess of Queenberry,  are published.

Charles Young plays county cricket for Hampshire v Kent aged 15 years 131 days.

Open croquet championships instituted at Evesham, Worcestershire.

First canoe race organised by the Canoe Club at Thames Ditton over one mile.

First crossing of the English Channel by canoe, “The Octoroon”, from Boulougne to Dover, taking eleven hours.

The first cycling club, the Liverpool Velocipede Club,  is formed.



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