The History of Sport: 1868 and 1869

Some of the major events in sport in the years 1868 and 1869


The first velocipede (bicycle) race took place at Parc de St.Cloud, Paris ( won by Dr.James Moore of Great Britain although there may have been other races that day).

Tom Morris Junior wins the Open golf championship at Prestwick aged 17 years and 249 days (still the youngest winner). He scores the first recorded tournament hole-in-one at the 166 yard 8th hole.

Formosa and Moslem dead-heat in the 2000 Guineas horse race. Formosa goes on to win four Classics that year.

A cricket tour of England is made by an Aborigine XI from Australia. the first match is against Surrey Gentlemen.

Edward Pooley, the wicketkeeper for Surrey, dismisses twelve Sussex batsmen in the match (9 caught, 3 stumped).

First indoor athletics meeting held by New York AC at the Empire Skating Rink, New York. This meeting was the first official athletics meeting in America and also featured the first recorded use of spikes.

First permanent athletics track laid at Lillie Bridge, West Kensington, London by the Amateur Athletic Club. The track was 1/3 of a mile to run round.

First British cycle race is won by Arthur Markham at Welsh Harp, Hendon.

The first cross-country running club with open membership, Thames Hare and Hounds, is founded. The first run takes place at Roehampton.

The first women’s bicycle race takes place at the Parc Bordelais in Bordeaux.

The first football tournament, the Yorkshire FA Cromwell Cup, is won by Sheffield Wednesday.

The All-England Croquet Club is formed. Land is rented at Wimbledon (which later is used for the tennis tournament).



The earliest jumping competition for horses is held at the Agricultural Hall, Islington, London.

Polo is introduced to England by the 10th Hussars at Aldershot.

Water Polo develops in England as “water soccer”.

The first official England cricket tour goes to Canada and the USA.

The first international cycle race is won by Ernest Michaux of France at Crystal Palace.

The first professional baseball club, the Cincinnati Red Stockings, plays its first match (against Great Western).

The first town to town bicycle race (from Paris to Rouen – 81 miles) was won by James Moore in 10 hours 25 minutes. The prize was 1000 Francs.

Oxford University win their ninth successive Boat Race.

Rutgers play Princeton in the first inter-collegiate football (soccer) game.

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