History of Sport: 1870 and 1871


Football is standardised as an eleven a side game.

The jockey George Stevens wins his fifth Grand National, still a record, riding The Colonel.

The first America’s Cup Challenge at sailing.The USA yacht “Magic” retains the trophy against a British challenge.

The world Billiards championship is instituted. William Cook (England) wins a £200 prize.

The first lightweight all-metal bike is patented by James Starley and William Hillman. The first Ladies Bicycle is patented by Samuel Thomas. The first rubber bicycle tyres are made by Thomas Sparrow of London.

First rules of water polo drafted by the London Swimming Association.

The “Conference Laws” of tennis are drafted.



Teddington Hockey Club is formed (the oldest club with a continuous history)

The earliest polo match in England is recorded (between the 9th Lancers and 10th Hussars on Hounslow Heath)

The Rugby Football Union is founded at Pall Mall Restaurant,London.

The first dinghy race is organised by the Thames Sailing Club at Surbiton, London.

The first Rugby international: Scotland beat England in Edinburgh.

Great Britain’s George Lambert wins the world Real Tennis title. He holds the title until 1885.

Charles W. Alcock, Honorary Secretary of the Football Association, proposes a Challenge Cup for F.A. members.




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