World Sports Hall of Fame 1914: Josef Cada, Charlotte Cooper, Oscar Mathisen and George Mehnert

Josef Čada (Czechoslovakia-Gymnastics) The winner of the world all-round gymnastics title in 1907 and the champion at Horizontal Bar in 1907 and 1913.

Charlotte Cooper (Great Britain-Tennis) Won five Wimbledon singles titles between 1895 and 1908, the last aged 37. Won gold medals in singles and mixed doubles at the 1900 Olympics and was the first woman to win an Olympic title in any sport.

Oscar Mathisen (Norway-Speed Skating) The all-around champion five times at the world speed skating championships between 1908 and 1914. During his career he set fourteen world records at distances ranging from 500m to 10,000m, with his 1500m record set in 1914 lasting for 23 years.

George Mehnert (USA-Wrestling) The winner of the freestyle wrestling gold medal at flyweight in 1904 and then at bantamweight in 1908. He was the first man to win two Olympic freestyle golds and it wasn’t until 1936 that this feat was matched.

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