History of Sport: 1872 to 1874


The major developments in sport in the years 1872 to 1874



Harry Gem founds the Leamington Club, the oldest club for tennis.

The first F.A. Cup Final is played at The Oval, London. The Wanderers win the Cup, defeating Royal Engineers 1-0.

The first international football match, between Scotland and England is played at Partick, Glasgow. The match ends in a 0-0 draw.

A Polo match between The Lancers and The Life Guards is played at Woolwich. The first British Polo Club, Monmouthshire Polo Club, is formed.

Tom Morris Junior wins his fourth successive Open Golf Championship.



American Football rules are formulated by Columbia, Princeton, Rutgers and Yale Universities in New York.

The first badminton club is founded in Folkestone, Kent.

Mrs.Horniblow wins her fifth successive British archery title and achieves her highest score in the event.



Major Walter Wingfield patents a form of tennis called “Sphairistike” which evolved into the modern game.

The first cloth-covered tennis ball replaced a plain rubber ball, It was invented by J.H. Heathcote and was first used at Conington Castle, Huntingdonshire.

The first international long-range rifle competition is held at Creedmoor, Long Island. USA beat Ireland 934-931.

James Starley and William Hillman begin the manufacture of women’s bicycles.

Queen’s Park win the first Scottish F.A.Cup Final 2-0 against Clydesdale.


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