History of Sport: 1875 and 1876

The major developments in sport in 1875 and 1876


An English Hockey Association was founded.

Hurlingham Polo Association draws up the first English rules of the sport.

Ninian Finlay plays rugby for Scotland against England aged 17 years and 36 days.

Colonel Sir Neville Chamberlain invents snooker in Jubbulpore, India as a hybrid of “Black Pool”, “Pyramids” and billiards.

Captain Matthew Webb is the first man to swim the English Channel. He takes 21 hours and 45 minutes.

The first recorded ice-hockey match on an indoor rink is played at Victoria Skating Rink, Montreal.

The first British roller-skating rink, Belgravia Skating Rink, is opened.

The earliest known football programme is produced for the Queen’s Park v Wanderers match at Hampden Park.

Harvard play Yale in an organised American Football match with both teams wearing uniforms.

Royal Engineers beat Old Etonians 2-0 in the first F.A. Cup Final replay.

Fixed crossbars for football goals are used for the first time.

The inaugural running of the Kentucky Derby is won by Aristides.



The first greyhound race meeting using a railed hare operated by a windlass was held at Hendon.

The first recorded use of the circle in a hockey game in the match between Teddington and Surbiton at Bushey Park.

First artificial ice-rink opened in King’s Road, Chelsea.

The National League of Professional Base Ball Clubs is formed at the Grand Central Hotel, New York.

The Inter-collegiate Football Association is founded and Harvard reduce the number of players from 15 to 11 a side.

W.G. Grace becomes the first player to score 2,000 runs and take 100 wickets in a cricket season with 2,622 runs and 130 wickets in 26 matches.

Marshall Brooks produces the first known high-jump over 6 feet, when competing at Oxford.

Alfred Johnson arrives in Wales after completing the first single-handed Atlantic crossing by yacht. He took 57 days.

Queen’s Park win their third successive Scottish Cup at football when defeating Third Lanark in the final in a replay.

The horses Enguerrande and Carnelia dead-heat for the Oaks.

The first English cross-country running championships are held. The race is declared void after all 32 runners went off course.


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