British Sports Hall of Fame 1922: Sam Hardy, Albert Hill, Alice Legh and Stanley Shoveller

My latest nominations for the British Hall of Fame

Sam Hardy (Football) – the best British goalkeeper of the early 20th century.  He played for England 21 times between 1907 and 1920 when he was 36.  At club level he made 549 League appearances.  He won the league title with Liverpool and helped Aston Villa win two FA Cups.

Albert Hill (Athletics) – In 1920 he won both the 800m and 1500m at the Olympic Games.  This double has only been repeated once since.  In those Games he also won a silver in the 3000m team race.  He set British records in the 800m and mile.  He later became a coach and helped Sydney Wooderson to international records and titles.

Alice Legh (Archery) – Britain’s greatest ever woman archer.  She won her first National title in 1881 and from 1886 to 1922 won the title 22 more times.  She chose not to compete in the 1908 Olympics but defeated the Olympic Champion Queenie Newall easily the week after the Games.

Stanley Shoveller (Hockey) – the first man to win two Olympic gold medals in hockey. He played 35 times for England, scoring a record 79 goals, between 1902 and 1921. He was the England captain from 1909 to 1921.

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