World Sports Hall of Fame 1922: Peter Latham, Ralph Rose, Jim Thorpe and Tony Wilding

The latest inductees to my Hall of Fame, for 1922 are:

Peter Latham (England – Rackets and Real Tennis) – the only man to hold the world titles for rackets and real tennis simultaneously. He held the world rackets title from 1887 to 1902 when he resigned the title. He held the real tennis title from 1895 to 1905 when he suffered his only defeat in a championship match. He regained the title in 1907.

Ralph Rose (USA – Athletics) – Winner of the Olympic Shot Put title in 1904 and 1908, and second in 1912 where he won gold in the two-handed shot event. In 1904 he also won medals at discus and hammer. Between 1904 and 1909 he set eight world records at the shot.  His final record stood for nearly nineteen years as the world record.  He also set an unofficial mark which was unsurpassed until 1934 and on the same day set an unofficial world hammer best.

Jim Thorpe (USA – American Football and Athletics) – In 1912 he won the Olympic pentathlon and decathlon titles setting world records in both.  He had to give back those medals when it was found that he had earned money playing baseball. At American football as a running back he was an All-American in 1911 and 1912 and was one of the greatest ever college players.  He later played pro football and also played Major League Baseball.  In 1950 he was voted the greatest American athlete of the first half of the 20th century.

Tony Wilding (New Zealand – Tennis) – Winner of the Wimbledon Singles title four years in a row from 1910 to 1913 and defeated in the final in 1914. He also won the four Wimbledon doubles titles and in 1906 took the Australian singles and doubles titles.


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