The History of Sport – 1885 and 1886


Snooker is introduced to Britain by John Roberts.

John Roberts, Jr wins his 8th world title at billiards.  The Billiards Association is formed.

The Grand National tobaggan race is founded.

The first motorcycle is built by Gottlieb Daimler at Cannstadt, Germany.

The first ice-dance, a waltz, is performed at Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The first motor-boat in series production is designed by F.W. Ofeldt in New York.

Weightlifting is introduced to Britain as an organised sport by “Professor” Szalay from Hungary, the founder of the City of London Amateur Weight-lifting Club.

Arbroath defeat Bon Accord 36-0 in the Scottish Cup with John Petrice scoring thirteen goals.  This score remains the record for any major competition in British football.

The Football Association legitimises professionalism

The Cuban Giants, composed mainly of African-American players from Philadelphia, is the first black professional baseball team on a reasonably permanent basis

John L. Sullivan’s six round defeat of Dominick McCaffrey in Chester Park, Cincinnati, inaugurates the modern World heavyweight boxing championship under Queensberry Rules wearing gloves,

World Middleweight Champion Jack (Nonpareil) Dempsey defeats 12 challengers during the year, most of them by knockouts

The last official bare-knuckle fight in Britain is won by Jem Smith.

The first British Amateur golf championship is held.



The first report of women’s lacrosse being played.

School lacrosse with mixed teams of boys and girls is introduced at Ladybarn House School, Manchester.

The first international polo match is held.  England play USA

The Internatonal Rugby Football Board is founded

William Renshaw wins his 6th successive Wimbledon singles title and the Renshaw brothers win their third successive doubles title.

Arthur Wharton runs the first widely accepted time of exactly 10 seconds for 100 yards.  He also becomes the first black professional footballer in the world when joining Preston that year.

The FA council approve the awarding of caps for playing in international matches

FA Cup final – Blackburn Rovers 2–0 West Bromwich Albion at The Oval; replay after 0–0 draw at The Oval. This is Blackburn’s third successive victory

John Lambie becomes the youngest Scotland player and captain, aged 17 years and 92 days

The inaugural World Lightweight Champion is Jack McAuliffe, generally recognised following his 21st round knockout of Billy Frazier at Boston

Modern field hockey is born with the formation of the Hockey Association in England, which codifies the sport’s rules

Ormonde wins the English colts Triple Crown in horse racing

World’s first championship ice hockey league, the Amateur Hockey Association of Canada (AHAC) is formed at a meeting in Montreal

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