British Sports Hall of Fame for 1925

Ernest Barry (Rowing) – The winner of the Putney and Doggett’s Coat and Badge races in 1900 and 1903 respectively.  He won the world professional title in 1912 and defended it three times before World War I.  In 1919 he lost the title but regained it the next year before retiring as champion soon after.

Billy Batten (Rugby League) – one of the early greats of the game well known for his great running and fine tackling.  He moved from the wing to centre and played in all three tests against Australia in 1908/9 scoring two tries in the first test.  He moved from Hunslet, who he had helped to four cups in 1907/8, to Hull for a record fee of £600 which was double the previous record.  He won his tenth and final Great Britain cap in 1921.  He scored more than 200 tries.

Arthur Shrewsbury (Cricket) – the finest professional batsman in England of his time.  In 1893 he became the first batsman to reach 1000 runs in Test match cricket when scoring his third century against Australia.  In the 1880s he captained two Tours of Australia and the team won five out of seven Tests.  He scored 10 double centuries and over 26,000 first class runs.  Only W.G Grace was a better run scorer in that era.

Jimmy Wilde (Boxing) – one of Britain’s greatest ever boxers and often rated as the finest flyweight in history.  He was the first generally recognised world flyweight champion after taking the title in 1916, only a few months after winning the British title but vacated the title in 1917.  He won his first 103 fights and in his career won 139 out of 145 fights with 98 wins by knockout.  He had a fearsome punch and his percentage of knockout wins is one of the highest ever.  He was rated the third greatest puncher of all-time by Ring Magazine.

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