The History of Sport – 1892

The major events in sport in 1892.


Liverpool Football Club is founded after Everton is split by a faction fight at board level over the proposed purchase of the freehold at Anfield

West Brom beat Darwen 12 – 0 in a Football League Division One match.  The biggest win ever seen in the league.

The Football Alliance folds and  the Football League is able to expand by inviting former Alliance members to join it. Membership doubles from 14 to 28 clubs with divisions introduced for the first time in the 1892–93 season.

The first £100 transfer fee in football when Aston Villa sign Willie Groves.

The first international ski meet is held in Stockholm.  Finland win the Langlauf, Norway win the ski-jumping.

The first known instance of a woman driving is Madame Lavassor in Paris.

C. B. Fry equals the world record for the long jump of 23 ft. 5in .

The English Lacrosse Union is formed.

The “National League and American Association” is the sole major league in baseball after incorporating four clubs from the former American Association into the expanded and restructured National League and buying out the four others.

James Naismith’s rules for basketball are published for the first time in the
Springfield YMCA International Training School’s newspaper, in an article titled “A New Game.”
First basketball game under the modified rules is played in public, between students and faculty at the Springfield YMCA.The final score was 5–1 in favor of the students.

James J. Corbett wins the World Heavyweight Championship with a 21st round knockout of John L. Sullivan in New Orleans.  This was the first heavyweight title fight to use gloves and three-minute rounds.

Billy Smith (USA) wins the first world welterweight boxing title.

Billy Plimmer of Great Britain wins the world bantamweight title when defeating George Dixon.

William “Pudge” Heffelfinger is paid $500 by the Allegheny Athletic Association to play in a game against the Pittsburgh Athletic Club. He is considered the first professional football player of all time

The first floodlit American Football game is played between Mansfield Teachers College and Wyoming Seminary.

The first “gym slip” is devised by Margaret Tait and worn by Anne Pagan at Hampstead P.T. College.  This was the first “acceptable” costume allowing girls freedom of movement when playing sport.

Beginning of first-class cricket in India as the annual Bombay Presidency Matches between the Europeans and the Parsees are recognised as the inaugural first-class fixtures

Surrey win their third successive county championship cricket title.

Alice Legh wins her 7th consecutive British archery title.

African-American jockey Alonzo “Lonnie” Clayton, aged 15, becomes the youngest rider ever to win the Kentucky Derby

La Fleche wins fillies triple crown in English horse racing

At a celebration dinner to honour the Ottawa Hockey Club Canadian Governor-General Lord Stanley announces his new trophy to be awarded to the ice hockey champions of Canada. Originally known as the “Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup” it becomes known as the Stanley Cup the championship trophy of the National Hockey League (NHL).

The International Skating Union the world governing body for ice skating is founded in Scheveningen in the Netherlands.

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