The History of Sport – 1894

Some of the most notable events in sport from 1894:

Liverpool complete an unbeaten season in Division Two of the football league, winning 22 and drawing six of their games.

Sunderland FC make the first overseas tour by a football team when they visit America.

A boxing match between Mike Leonard and Jack Cushing is the first sporting event filmed. The inaugural World Bantamweight Champion is Jimmy Barry of Chicago who is recognised following his 28th round knockout of Casper Leon at Lemont, Illinois.

The first use of a starting gate for horse racing is at Mooney Valley. The gate was invented by J.L. Johnstone of Melbourne.

The first motor rally, from Paris to Rouen, is won by Count de Dion.  However, his vehicle is declared ineligible as it needed a “stoker” and the victory is awarded to Albert Lemaître.

The first municipal sports ground is opened. Franklin Field in Boston, Mass (40 acres in size).

Major League Baseball’s highest scoring season as Boston Beaneaters set the current record for the most runs scored in a season (1220). Hugh Duffy achieves the Triple Crown in baseball and sets a record batting average for a season of 0.438. Billy Hamilton scores 192 runs in the season.

Montreal AAA win the first Stanley Cup play-offs in ice-hockey.

Guy Nickalls wins his sixth Diamond Sculls title at the Henley rowing regatta.

Twelve countries send delegates to a meeting at the Sorbonne in Paris to discuss reviving the Olympic Games. The International Olympic Committee is formed with Pierre de Coubertin as the Secretary General and Demetrius Vikelas as President.

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