World Sports Hall of Fame 1928: Johnny Weissmuller, Herma Szabo, Lucien Gaudin and Walter Johnson

My choices for the World Sports Hall of Fame in 1928 are:

Johnny Weissmuller (USA – Swimming)

The first man to swim 100 metres in under a minute when he did 58.6 in 1922. He won five Olympic golds: the 400m freestyle in 1924, 100m freestyle at the 1924 and 1928 Olympics and the 4 x 200m freestyle relay in 1924 and 1928. He set his first world record aged 17 in 1922 but it was in 1927 that he was at his peak. He set a 100 yards world record that lasted for 17 years and on the same day took over 7 seconds from the 200m record. In 1923 he was the first man to swim under five minutes for 400m freestyle, improving his own record by nearly ten seconds. In all he set more than fifty record marks including some records at backstroke. He also won an Olympic bronze for water polo before becoming a huge star in Hollywood as Tarzan.


Herma Szabo (also known as Plank-Szabo and Jaross-Szabo) (Austria – Figure Skating)

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The greatest female skater of the early 1920s. She won five consecutive world individual titles between 1922 and 1926. In 1925 she also won the world Pairs title to become the only skater in history ever to win solo and pairs world titles, a record that still stands. she won the Pairs again in 1927 but lost her singles title in a controversial split decision. She was also the 1924 Olympic Champion. Her stylish jumps and spins set a new standard in women’s skating.


Lucien Gaudin (France -Fencing)

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The winner of four Olympic gold medals, two in team competition in 1924 and then in 1928 individual golds at both foil and epee.  He was world champion at epee in 1921 and European champion in 1922.  He is regarded as one of the greatest technical fencers of the 20th century and at foil won the French title nine times in succession.


Walter Johnson (USA – Baseball)

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Arguably the greatest right-handed pitcher in history.  He won over twenty games in a season eleven times and more than thirty games twice.  In a 21 year career from 1907 to 1927 he won 417 games, second on the all-time list.  He held the career record for strike-outs until the 1980s and led the American League in strike-outs twelve times.  He was League MVP twice and won the pitching Triple Crown three times.  He played his entire career with the Washington Senators who were a poor team meaning that he only made two World Series appearances, winning in 1924.  He was named as a starter in the Major League Baseball All-Time Team in 1997.

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