The History of Sport – 1896

Some of the main events in sport from 1896:

The first modern Olympic Games are held in Athens and inaugurated by Pierre de Coubertin.
The Games include the sports of athletics, swimming , wrestling, fencing, cycling, shooting and weightlifting. Thirteen nations take part.
On 16th April — American James Connolly wins the triple jump to become the first Olympic champion in over 1,500 years.  The marathon is introduced as an event to commemorate the run of Pheidippides from the battle of Marathon in 490 BC .  It is won by Spyridon Louis of Greece.
Winners receive a silver medal and a crown of olive branches; Greece wins the most medals (46) and the United States wins the most gold medals (11)
Paul Masson (France) wins three gold medals at cycling.
Launceston Elliott wins Britain’s first Olympic gold medal (in the one handed weightlifting event).  Carl Schuhmann (Germany) wins three gold medals in gymnastics and the wrestling title.

Brian Gamlin of Bury is credited with inventing the modern numbering system on a dart board.

The first women’s hockey international takes place in Dublin. Ireland beat England 2-0.

Tipperary (8 goals, 14 points) beat Dublin (0,4) in the All-Ireland Hurling Final 38-4.

The first world figure skating title is held in St.Petersburg and won by Gilbert Fuchs (Germany)

The first closed circuit automobile race is held at Narragansett Park, Rhode Island and won by A.H. Whiting driving a Riker electric.
The “Emancipation Run” automobile “Tour” to celebrate the repeal of the “Red Flag Act” is held from London to Brighton and won by Leon Bollee in a Bollee Tricycle.
The first motorcycle race is held over 152 km from Paris to Nantes and back, organised by the Automobile Club de France. The winner is M.Chevalier in a Michelin Pion.

The Camanachd Association Challenge Cup is instituted.

Yorkshire score 887 v Warwickshire at Edgbaston in a county championship match. George Lohmann (England) ends his Test match cricket career after the series against Australia with a career bowling average of 10.75 and a series average of 5.80.
In women’s cricket Tarana score a record 567 v Rockley at Rockley, New South Wales.

The first Trans-Atlantic crossing by rowing boat is made by George Harbo and Frank Samuelson in 62 days.

George “Kid” Lavigne (USA) wins the first world lightweight boxing title.

The US Amateur Ice-hockey league is formed.

The Baddeley brothers win their third successive Wimbledon doubles title.

Manningham win the first Rugby Football League championship after defeating Halifax.

Yorkshire win their fifth successive Rugby Union county championship.

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