The History of Sport – 1901

Some of the main events in sport in 1901:

Football – FA Cup final – Tottenham Hotspur 3–1 Sheffield United at Crystal Palace, London (replay following 2–2 draw at Crystal Palace).  Tottenham Hotspur is the first (and to date only) non-League club to win the FA Cup.

In baseball the American League starts to compete with the National League as a second major league.

The Northern Rugby League is formed.

The National Small-Bore Rifle Association of Great Britain is formed.

Billy Smith dies after a fight and Mr. Justice Grantham rules in the case as a result of the fight. Following this boxing is made a legal sport in Britain.

In cricket Mabel Bryant scores 224 not out for Vistors vs Residents at Eastbourne.

The first motor race on a track in Britain is held at Crystal Palace and won by Charles Jarrott in a Panhard.

The first open Table Tennis tournament, the championships of London, is held at the Royal Aquarium.

The first British motorcycling club is founded in London.

Netball is introduced by Miss Adair Roberts at Dartford P.T. College, England.
C Dawson loses the world billiards title after twelve years.

The Doherty brothers win their fifth successive Wimbledon doubles title.  Arthur Gore wins his first men’s singles title. Charlotte Cooper wins her fourth ladies singles title.

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