The History of Sport – 1903

The first international cross-country running championships are held at Hamilton Park Racecourse in Scotland.

The Strathcona Cup curling tournament is inaugurated. Canada win.

In the F.A.Cup Final Bury beat Derby County 6-0 having gone through the entire competition without conceding a goal. The scoreline is the record winning margin for an F.A. Cup Final.

Harry Vardon wins his fourth Open Golf title.  Willie Anderson wins his second US Open golf title.

The Calais to Dover powerboat race is founded.
Sir Alfred Harmsworth presents his Challenge Trophy for powerboat racing.

The Ski Club of Great Britain is founded.

The USA’s Charlie Barr defends the America’s Cup Sailing trophy for the third time as Reliance defeats British challenger Shamrock III.

The first Tour de France is held. Maurice Garin of France wins the event.

The Boston Red Sox win the first baseball World Series defeating the Pittsburgh Pirates 5 games to 3.

The New York Yankees are founded.

The Paris-Madrid Trail is run on 24 May with a scheduled distance of 1014 km. It is a disastrous event which causes at least eight deaths. Road racing is banned as a result and the legacy of the event is the introduction of circuits.

The Wright brothers make the first powered aeroplane flight at Kitty Haawk, North Carolina. The flight lasts for twelve seconds at a sped of 30 to 35 mph.

Beitain’s Bob Fitzsimmons outpoints George Gardner to win the world light-heavyweight boxing title, holding the title until 1905.  Jack Root of Australia had become the first world champion at the weight earlier in the year.

The first world gymnastics championships are held. J.Martinez (France) wins the overall title.

Rock Sand wins the English Colts Triple Crown in horse racing.

The British Isles defeat the USA to win the Davis Cup, the International Lawn Tennis Challenge, for the first time. The team is the Doherty brothers who also win the Wimbledon and US Open doubles titles.  Laurie Doherty wins the Wimbledon and US Open singles titles as well.

The Clay Bird shooting Association is founded.

Halifax win the Rugby League championship title and the Challenge Cup.

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