History of Sport 1911: First Indianapolis 500 and Monte Carlo Rally, Salchow’s 10th title, Larned’s 7th US Open

Some of the main events in sport from 1911.

John McDermott becomes both the first American-born man and the youngest golfer (19 years, 10 months) to win the US Open
Harold Hilton became the only British player to win the British and U.S. Amateur golf championships in the same year.
Harry Vardon wins his fifth Open Golf championship.

In Canadian football the 3rd Grey Cup is won, as were the first two, by the University of Toronto Varsity Blues who win14–7 against theToronto Argonauts.
The first use of the “mountain” circuit on the Isle of Man TT motorcycling course.


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The first Indianapolis 500 motor race is held. It was won by Ray Harroun in a Marmon Wasp at an average speed of 75 mph.


The first Monte Carlo Rally is held. It is won by Henri Rougier in a Turcat-Mery.

Ulrich Salchow wins his record tenth world figure skating title (his fifth in succession)
Lily Kronberger (Hungary) wins her fourth successive world figure skating title.
Five Nations Championship series is won by Wales who complete the inaugural Grand Slam by defeating all four of its opponents


In tennis the singles finals at Wimbledon made history as in the Wimbledon Men’s Singles Championship – Anthony Wilding (New Zealand) defeats Herbert Barrett (GB) who retired with the match at two sets all.  The only time that the title has been won on a retirement.
In the Women’s Singles Championship  Dorothea Douglass Lambert Chambers defeats Dora Boothby 6–0 6–0.  The only time the losing finalist has failed to win a game.
Bill Larned wins his seventh US Open singles title (still a record), his fifth consecutive title, at the age of 38 years and 242 days.
Australasia win their fourth successive International Tennis Challenge (Davis Cup) title.


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Cy Young ends his baseball career with a record 511 games won as a pitcher since 1890.

In show-jumping the first King George V Gold Cup, one of the most prestigious individual competitions, is held.

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