History of Sport 1914: Harry Vardon wins a record sixth Open Golf Championship and Dorothea Douglass’s seventh Wimbledon singles title. Jimmy Wilde’s world flyweight reign begins

Some of the notable events in sport in 1914:

In Aussie Rules football Port Adelaide become the only SAFA/SAFL/SANFL team to finish with a perfect season, overall winning thirty consecutive matches including one against a combined team from the other six SAFL clubs and one against Carlton.

The first technical rules for international athletics competitions are established and the first official list of world records is established.

In baseball Dutch Leonard pitches an ERA of 0.96, the second best ever recorded.

A World Flyweight boxing championship is proposed for the first time after Great Britain’s Jimmy Wilde defeats Eugene Husson in London. Wilde holds the title for much of the time until 1923.

Percy Jones of Great Britain also wins a version of the world flyweight title.

Britain’s Freddie Welsh defeats Willie Ritchie over 20 rounds in London to win the World Lightweight Championship. Welsh holds the title until 1917.

Britain’s Matt Wells wins the world welterweight title.

The 1914 English cricket season is cancelled at the end of August because of the outbreak of the First World War. The last four matches to be played all finish on 2 September and the remaining five scheduled fixtures are cancelled.

The NHA and PCHA agree to start an annual playoff in 1915 to decide the Stanley Cup winner in ice-hockey.

The rugby union Five Nations Championship series is won by England who complete the Grand Slam.

At tennis in the Wimbledon Women’s Singles Championship – Britain’s Dorothea Douglass Lambert Chambers wins her seventh singles title

Harry Vardon (GB) wins his sixth Open golf Championship.  This is a record number of wins in the Open that still stands.

Oscar Mathisen (Norway) wins his fifth world overall speed skating title.

The first international land yachting championships are staged.

In Rugby League Huddersfield defeat Swinton Park Rangers by 119 points to 2 in the Northern Union Cup.  Albert Rosenfeld scores 80 tries in 42 matches in the season for Huddersfield.

A single plank-gliding contest is held at Scarborough and won by H.Storry.  This is a forerunner to water-skiing.

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