The History of Sport 1919 – Most Sport Resumes After World War I. The Chicago Black Sox Baseball Scandal, Jack Dempsey Wins The World Heavyweight Title

Sports events started to resume in the year following the end of World War I although some usually held towards the start of the year weren’t contested.

Competitive football resumes after the end of World War I in the 1919–20 season
The First Division is expanded from 20 to 22 teams; Chelsea are spared relegation, while Arsenal win promotion from the Second Division, despite only finishing fifth in 1915.

The mechanical hare used for greyhound racing is perfected by Owen Smith at Emeryville, California.

Gertrude Ederle (USA) breaks the world 880 yards freestyle record in swimming aged 12 years and 298 days to become the youngest world record breaker in any sport.

In baseball Cincinnati Reds defeats Chicago White Sox to win the 1919 World Series by 5 games to 3.  Even before game one of this World Series, there are rumours that some White Sox players have agreed to throw the series to the Reds for payment from gamblers. This will explode a year later in the Black Sox Scandal.

Babe Ruth hits 29 home runs for the Boston Red Sox, breaking the single season record of 27 set in 1884.

Jack Dempsey becomes World Heavyweight Champion by knocking out Jess Willard, the defending champion, in four rounds.

Jack Britton wins the world welterweight boxing title for the third time.

George Baker wins his fourth successive ABA featherweight title, adding to his three pre-war titles.

The American Professional Football Association is formed.

The first non-stop trans-Atlantic flight is made by Allcock and Brown in a Vickers-Vimy taking 16.5 hours.

Sir Barton is the first horse to win the United States Triple Crown.

Poethlyn wins his second successive Grand National steeplechase.

Elaine Burton is the first woman to wear shorts for athletics which she does at the Northern Counties Ladies Athletics Championships.

The women’s RAF team set a World Best for the 4×110 yards relay at Stamford Bridge.

Melbourne Inman wins his fourth successive world professional billiards championship having won the three preceding the War.

Montreal Canadiens and Seattle Metropolitans win two games each in the 1919 Stanley Cup Finals before the series, held at Seattle, is cancelled after all of the Montreal players contract Spanish flu.

The Australian Men’s Singles Championship is won by Algernon Kingscote (GB) who defeats Eric Pockley (Australia).

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