The Greatest Track Cyclists: Record Title Winners at World Championships and Olympics Games

It is hard to compare achievements across different events using total medals as there are more events on offer to sprinters.  I did try to do this in 2013 for the women but I won’t do it for the men.

The easiest way of showing the greatest track cyclists is to list the events that are currently on the world championships programme and the most wins in them.  I have also included wins in the Olympics in these events.

My post from 2013 on the greatest women track riders, slightly updated

The events and the cyclists with the most wins are:


1km Time Trial: Arnaud Tournant of France, Chris Hoy of Great Britain and Stefan Nimke of Germany have 4 wins in world championships but Hoy also has an Olympic gold.

Keirin: Chris Hoy (GB) 4 world and 2 Olympic titles.

Scratch Race: Franco Marvulli (SWI) and Alex Rasmussen (DEN)  with 2

Points Race: Urs Freuler (SWI) 8

Pursuit: Hugh Porter (GB) 4,  Bradley Wiggins (GB) 3 world + 2 Olympic titles.

Sprint: Koichi Nakano (Japan) 10,  Daniel Morelon (FRA)  7 world titles and 2 Olympics

Omnium: Fernando Gaviria (COL) 2


Sprint:  Victoria Pendleton (GB) 6 world + 1 Olympic gold, Galina Yermolayeva (USSR) 6,  Galina Tsareva (USSR) 6

Keirin:  Anna Meares (AUS) and Kristina Vogel (GER) 3

Points: Ingrid Haringa (NED) 4,  Olga Slyusareva (RUS)  4 world + 1 Olympic gold

Time Trial: Felicia Ballanger (FRA) 5 world +1 Olympic gold,  Natalia Tsylinskaya  (BLR) 5

Omnium:  Laura Trott/Kenny  (GB) 2 world + 2 Olympics

Pursuit:  Tamara Garkouchina (URS) and Rebecca Twigg (USA) 6





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