Some useful links to sites that will give information for different sports

Wikipedia is always a useful first port of call for any but I have found these sites useful as well.

Boxing   BoxRec – detailed look at professional boxing with career records and stats

CricketESPNcricinfo – anything you  want to know about cricket is covered in great detail

Cycling   Cycling Archives – A site with a huge database of cycling results from events all round the world. Also has results from now discontinued events.

General  Sports

All Competitions – A Spanish site but in English as well. Comprehensive results of major events in many sports. – A site with a large list of records, champions and other information. An American  site so particularly detailed on their main sports. – hasn’t been updated for the last few years but is very good for many sports and has useful links itself

Sports Records – a comprehensive list of championship winners with excellent extra details on some sports

Sports Reference – Lots of detail in results and biographies especially on American and Olympic sports

Swimming –    Swimming Statisticsa good site for results and stats which is easy to navigate

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