Handball:all-time great players and award winners


Information on some of the greatest players in the sport of Handball. For more details about the sport go to the website of the International Handball Federation (IHF)

The winners of the IHF Player of the Year award for men and women.

1988 Veselin Vujovic Yugoslavia
1989 Kang Jae-Won South Korea
1990 Magnus Wislander Sweden
1991 No vote
1992 No vote
1993 No vote
1994 Talant Dujshebaev Russia
1995 Jackson Richardson France
1996 Talant Dujshebaev Spain
1997 Stéphane Stoecklin France
1998 Daniel Stephan Germany
1999 Rafael Guijosa Spain
2000 Dragan Škrbic Yugoslavia
2001 Yoon Kyung-Shin South Korea
2002 Bertrand Gille France
2003 Ivano Balic Croatia
2004 Henning Fritz Germany
2005 Árpád Sterbik Serbia and Montenegro
2006 Ivano Balic Croatia
2007/2014 Nikola Karabatic France
2008 Thierry Omeyer France
2009 Slawomir Szmal Poland
2010 Filip Jícha Czech Republic

2011/2015 Mikkel Hansen Denmark

2012 Daniel Narcisse France

2013 Domagoj Duvnjak Croatia

Won twice by Dujshebaev, Balic, Karabatic and Hansen


1988 Svetlana Kitic Yugoslavia
1989 Kim Hyun-Mee South Korea
1990 Jasna Kolar-Merdan Austria
1991 No vote
1992 No vote
1993 No vote
1994 Mia Hermansson Sweden
1995 Erzsébet Kocsis Hungary
1996 Lim O-Kyeong South Korea
1997 Anja Andersen Denmark
1998 Trine Haltvik Norway
1999 Ausra Fridrikas Austria
2000 Bojana Radulovics Hungary
2001 Cecilie Leganger Norway
2002 Zhai Chao China
2003 Bojana Radulovics Hungary
2004 Anita Kulcsár Hungary
2005 Anita Görbicz Hungary
2006 Nadine Krause Germany
2007 Gro Hammerseng Norway
2008 Linn-Kristin Riegelhuth Norway
2009 Allison Pineau France
2010/2015 Cristina Neagu Romania

2011 Heidi Loke Norway

2012 Alexandra do Nascimento Brazil

2013 Andrea Lekic Serbia

2014 Eduarda Amorim Brazil

Won twice by Radulovics and Neagu

In 2010 a poll was held for the public to vote for the best all-time male and female handball players.The nominations were:


Svetlana Dasic-Kitic (Former Yugoslavia),Anja Andersen (Denmark),Waltraud Kretzchmar (Germany) and Sinaida Turtschina (USSR – Ukraine).

The winner was Svetlana Kitic – In 1980 she won an Olympic silver medal with the Yugoslav team. Four years later she won the gold medal as member of the Yugoslav team. In all her representative career she played 202 matches and scored 911 goals.

Nikola Karabatic France,Talant Dujshebaev Russia/Spain,and Ivano Balic Croatia

The winner was Ivano Balic –  48,7 %  voted for the Croatian international, who became Olympic Champion 2004, World Champion 2003, runner-up at World (2005, 2009) and European Championships (2008, 2010) with his national team.  Balic  has been awarded World Handball Player of the Year twice (2003, 2006) and Most Valuable Player (MVP) at several major tournaments.

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